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What can be scarier than mold and mildew growing on your valuables? While many realize mold’s disastrous impacts on their household, very few take immediate measures to prevent the damage. Mold testers 954 is here for the rescue from all molds and mildew.
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What are molds?

Many people confuse molds with viruses and bacteria. Ironically, mold is none of the previously stated contaminants. Mold is a fungal organism that grows on decaying, dead organic matter. It propagates through tiny spores propelled outwards if given the perfect temperature and moisture. Molds grow in the form of colonies through a layer known as hyphae. These hyphae may not be visible in the early stages, but once the mold has reached a dangerous level, the moldy hyphen can be seen in varied patterns.

Mold grows progressively in a damp, moist environment. The lack of ventilation, sunlight, and adequate cleaning can also be the reasons why mold grows extraordinarily. These fungal organisms grow on organic matter like decaying bread, clothes, furniture, etc.

    Impacts of molds as a silent contaminant

    Molds are one of the worst kinds of toxins on one’s property. While the naked eye or symptoms can immediately detect dust, pollens, and other air pollutants, molds show their mark much later. This is true because molds occur naturally in the environment. Usual standards of mold may not cause any damage to your health or property. However, when the level of mold increases, the contamination increases. 

    If grown in large populations, mold can cause profound health implications like coughing, sneezing, wheezing, headaches, nausea, lethargy, restlessness, skin redness, allergies, and even breathing issues. It is particularly harmful to asthma patients who may get asthma triggered when exposed to mold spores. Similarly, children and the elderly are under the impact of molds because these age brackets lack the immunity to fight fungal irritants. 

    Similarly, mold can also cause severe damage to your residential or commercial property. Molds tend to grow on the host, sometimes rendering the host useless after damage. Thus, molds can lower your household’s property value and make it less attractive. Many commercial offices and workspaces also face tremendous loss from a condition known as “building sickness syndrome,” where many people in the same environment face similar symptoms of illness. Molds are often the culprits behind this damage, and it causes considerable losses in workplace efficiency.

    Mold Remediation Boca Raton

    While Boca Raton is one of the most beautiful locations in Florida, the beauty is often paired with a tradeoff. The natural hurricanes, rains, and humid environments promote the growth of molds and mildew on residential and commercial properties. Thus, places like Boca Raton are under the radar of mold attacks. Furthermore, studies have shown that more than 70% of the population around Florida complain about mold growth on their property. Under such conditions, it becomes essential for the homeowners to thrust the responsibility of mold remediation into the hands of experts like Mold Testers 954.

    Three-step journey for complete mold remediation

    We follow the three-step journey of removing mold and mildew from your vicinity. Our professionals ensure that every step is taken according to the needs of your household, making it cleaner, safer, and hygienic.

    • Inspection: The first inspection process is where our professionals will examine your property. The inspection is needed to see where the traces of molds can be seen. This step uses advanced machinery and visual aid by our staff to get the mold locations.
    • Testing: Testing is the next step in line. We under swift testing of the mold samples to analyze the type of mold, its potential impact, and the damage it has caused you over time. Testing is catered by our lab scientists and microbiologists, who understand the gist behind mold removal in our high-tech laboratories.
    • Remediation: the last step is the remediation process. While many companies will promise you mold removal, we believe in mold remediation. Molds occur in the environment, so it is impossible to claim their removal. However, remediation can lead to a sustainable result that protects the property now and in the future.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are your Boca Raton-based mold inspectors and assessors?

    Yes, we have licensed mold assessors in the Boca Raton area. Our team members are trained, certified, licensed, experienced, and insured.

    Do you offer mold repair services?

    Yes, we do every kind of service related to mold and mildew, including mold repair.

    Are you offering mold testing and remediation in West Boca Raton too?

    We are known as a top-notch Boca Raton mold Restoration Company that serves complete South Florida, including east and West Boca Raton.

    What is air quality testing, and do you offer that?

    Air quality tests measure the concentration of atmospheric pollutants in a given area, including smoke, dust, mold spores, chemicals such as carbon monoxide, and heavy metals like lead. We offer complete air quality testing services as well.

    Are you the mildew remover as well?

    Mildew appears as a white, gray, or sometimes yellowish-brown powdery substance on various surfaces inside and outside buildings. Mildew is caused by many fungi that thrive in warm, damp climates and can grow on almost any organic substance, such as wood, paper, fabrics, leather, and canvas. Mildew can cause allergies for some people with spores in the air. Our company also offers the services of mildew removal from your property.

    Do you offer complete mold damage restoration in west Boca Raton?

    Along with mold damage restoration, we offer complete property restoration services, including water damage restoration. We cover the complete South Florida region, including East and West Boca Raton. Our mold specialists are just a single call away from you.

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